What is important on your exercise.


Today I’m going to talk about exercise. It is important to every 2 hours to eat, food is very important when you are exercising. Some people think, the less I eat the better that is for my muscles and then I’m pretty slim. That is a big mistake many people make this mistake, it is very important to eat.

Drink, drink water during your sport is very important because there you can 1 of cool 2 it is also good for your muscles. No matter what sport you do though you sit on the couch. It is important to drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day.


I go in briefly also show you how best to train and where you can train I do own a program called Insanity. It’s a real hard workout where a lot of cardio in. It’s not like fitness, you use your body as a weight. It is a program of 2 months long and you are but a day off it’s 6 days a week and every day 15 to 45 minutes. And there you can also learn a lot how you can work out and what for you is very important I recommend you this program, and what they say about your results is also true at all, you do have to do what they say otherwise do you no good and can get 1 your end result is not how you expected have 2 you can get severe muscle blessuren. So be careful with what you do and good listening is very good. It is a program that you can do through your tv back home, it’s just a dvd you need to put on and nothing more.

I hope I have given you interesting information and soon I’ll posts also eat recipes.

Greetings, Ayoub

Welcome this is me

Hi my name is Ayoub and I am very happy that I have created my very own account on wordpress I look forward on posting here, especially when I will be on my holiday in Morocco

I will be sharing my experiences there, beaches, places,people, funny situations etc. I would like to share this with you all!

Enjoy life!



The Coat of arms of Morocco

The Coat of arms of Morocco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)